Privacy Policy

1. Website Responsibily

This website is the responsibility of Líbere Hospitality S.L., NIF B 95953683, a company whose registered office is located at C/Gran Vía nº2, 8ºD, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia; registered in the Bizkaia Mercantile Registry, volume 5850, folio 72, page BI- 73271, entry number 1 (hereafter referred to as Líbere Hospitality S.L.).

2. Rationale

Líbere Hospitality S.L. respects the privacy rights of its users and recognises the importance of protecting the personal data which Líbere Hospitality S.L. gathers about them.
The objective of this document is to inform website users about the personal data processing carried out on this website.

3. Personal Data Processed Merely By Accessing This Website3.1. What Data Is Processed?

When a user simply accesses this website, Líbere Hospitality S.L. collects the IP address and other data related to the Internet connection and its origin.
The IP address is a code that identifies the user’s Internet connection and the time at which the access occurred.
Only the user’s Internet access provider can identify which subscriber was assigned an IP address at a specific time.
Our website server automatically records the user’s IP address along with the date and time of access.

3.2. What Is This Data Used For?

This data is only used to manage the normal use of this website, and to perform statistical analyses on the use of our website.

3.3 Data recipients

Líbere Hospitality S.L. does not pass this information to any third party, unless obliged to do so by current legislation (for example, an official request in connection with a police investigation).

3.4. Lawful processing

The legal basis that legitimises our processing of the IP address is the technological need to enable website provision.

3.5. Data processing period

IP addresses will be stored for a period of one month.

4. A User’s Rights And How To Exercise Them

The data protection regulations guarantee users the following rights:
To grant these rights, it must be possible to identify the user who makes a request, and it must also be possible to link that user’s identity with the data processed by Líbere Hospitality S.L.
However, Líbere Hospitality S.L. cannot establish this link just from the data it gathers when a user merely accesses the website, unless the user can provide certain documentation that permits their identification (for example, a certificate from their Internet access provider, which indicates the IP address assigned to the user at a specific date and time).
Users can exercise their aforementioned data-protection rights in respect of Líbere Hospitality S.L., and also withdraw any current consent for processing, by writing to the address given above or email given below specifying the requested rights and providing proof of their identity.
Should users require further information regarding these matters or consider their rights to data protection to have been violated, they are advised to contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.aepd.es).

5. Other Processing Of Personal Data

5.1. Cookies and similar technologies

Líbere Hospitality S.L. uses cookies and other similar data storage and retrieval mechanisms on terminal equipment (hereafter referred to as cookies).
Cookies are files downloaded to the user’s browser that Líbere Hospitality S.L. can read later. This use of cookies facilitates various functionalities, such as, for example, recognizing a user who has previously accessed the website, and provides the capacity to analyse the use of this web service for the purposes of improvement.
However, it is not possible to discover a user’s identity from the cookies used by Líbere Hospitality S.L., unless the user provides additional data through other means and this data can be linked to the downloaded cookies.

5.2. Website forms

Líbere Hospitality S.L. has various website forms that are used to collect personal data.

5.2.1. Reservation form

Líbere Hospitality S.L. will process the data gathered through the reservation form primarily for the purpose of managing your reservation, as well as to manage an appropriate business relationship and to handle your requests for information regarding your reservation.
There is further information about commercial communications in the “THE SENDING OF COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS“ section of this Privacy Policy.
You may exercise your data protection rights, as described in the rights section “A USER’S RIGHTS AND HOW TO EXERCISE THEM“ of this Privacy Policy, at any time.

5.2.2. Contact form and information request

Líbere Hospitality S.L. will process your data provided via our various contact and information request forms, in order to meet your contact requests.
You may withdraw any consent previously given, and also exercise your rights in terms of data protection, at any time, as indicated in the rights section of this Privacy Policy: “WHAT RIGHTS DOES THE USER HAVE AND HOW TO EXERCISE THEM“.

6. The Sending Of Commercial Communications

Líbere Hospitality S.L. informs the user that the commercial communications requested by the user, and/or if the user has not expressly objected to receiving such materials by marking the corresponding boxes on our forms, will be sent via the Mailchimp tool, which is managed by The Rocket Science Group LLC. This company’s servers are located in the US, a country whose legislation does not offer a level of data protection equivalent to that of Europe. However, you can review how this provider treats its data via the links provided to their cookie policies. By accepting the use of cookies, you consent to such international data transfer. This tool used to send commercial communications by email will include links and tiny and transparent images that will be associated with your email address. This means that, when one of these images is downloaded or the links contained in the email are accessed, Líbere Hospitality S.L. will know for statistical purposes whether the email has been opened, or if any link contained in the said email has been accessed. You can prevent such usage by configuring your mail manager or email program to prevent the automatic downloading of images, as well as by not accessing such links included in any of the emails you receive.
Within every commercial communication, the user may object to receiving this type of information in future through the specific mechanisms available to process the cancellation of such material. Where appropriate, the user may also request their right to revoke consent, as well as to object to, or delete data.

7. More Information

If the user has any further questions about the data collected under our Privacy Policy, they can send an email to: